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    June 29, 2022
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  • Nov Bmt POA CAPP Devotional
    Posted On: Nov 15, 2016
    Pray Hard, Stay Alert! From my perspective, I believe that much of what we are aware of concerning the ills and impact of world conditions and circumstances are not really different from bygone years. It’s just that the intensity and irritation factors are inching up, sometimes noticeably. And, it may very well be that we are suffering from that well known communicable disease call TMI! My list of societal ills is topped by lust. Lust is an inordinate desire for anything that is not already possessed. Most of us relate lust to tangible possessions. Usually the top two items here are sexual and monetary. Societies are generally not that aware of these desires because they are hidden away in one’s thoughts until birthed in action. In today’s media culture though, it won’t be long until everybody knows! I would suggest however, that the more damaging aspects of lust concern, not possessions, but power and position. The activities related to these acquisitions are far more visible and closer to our social experiences than just the lust for money or a sexual experience. With power and position, possessions are an easy reach! This is the way of the world as demonstrated by Eve in the garden and explained by the Beloved Apostle in John 2:16. The visible attributes of lust are manifested by a disregard for integrity. Destroy the moral compass and all that is in the world system are up for grabs by any means! Greed for that which is lusted after powers a manipulation of reality that distorts truth and consequences. Success in lust is possible because of the ignorance of the victim or verification by the potentially affected. Enter TMI. In today’s societies and cultures, human kind is so bombarded with information overload, who do you believe? Generally it is the one whom you feel will satisfy your desires. That does not necessarily imply error. But it does mean that each of us must starve our ignorance and replace it with a dose of verified, trustworthy information! How can I verify that the information I receive is trustworthy? Everything must be run the filter of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Whatever denies that Jesus Christ is the Son and God and Savior of the world is false. Anything that opposes or is in conflict with the Word of God is erroneous because Jesus Christ IS The Way, The Truth, and The Life! So, in the days ahead, pray hard and stay alert! In Christ Alone! Big Jim Salles
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