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    February 28, 2021
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  • Jan. 2019 Bmt. POA CAPP Devotional
    Posted On: Jan 09, 2019
    "What did you get for Christmas?" Oh, my! It’s a new year! Where did 2018 go? I’m sure we all have various and sundry stories we can share about 2018! It is highly probable that in a few days, when the institutions of learning reopen, two subjects will be discussed, maybe at great length! One is, “Look what I got for Christmas!” The other: “What did you get for Christmas?” We have just come through that frenzied time of life called Christmas. Traditionally it is the time of decorations, parties, shopping, family gatherings, gift giving and receiving, etc. For many I have sure it was a fun time and exciting time. For others, not so and for various reasons, I’m sure. Could it be that the wide variety of moods and emotions experienced at this supposed joyous time of life centers around erroneous expectations for Christmas? I sense that until we can fully comprehend the real meaning of Christmas, our expectations will remain unreal. The real meaning of Christmas is to be found in what God, our Creator, gifted to His creation: Himself in human form. This revelation was meant to cause us to recognize our great need for a proper relationship with Him. Jesus showed us just who we are and why we need to be rightly related with God. So, the gift of our Savior is the greatest gift we could ever receive. Once that gift has been experienced, then perpetual, recurring gifts are ours. One precious gift is prayer. Just think: we can now speak directly to and with our Creator! Also, we now experience His permanent Presence. He is always with us. In fact, He resides IN us! What a thought! No wonder I can never get away from Him! Not only prayer and Presence, we experience His power, particularly in our own weakness! But perhaps the greatest motivating byproduct of the gift of a Savior is the realization of purpose we have in out own existence! There is a real reason for my living: Christ in me; the hope of glory! There is more to life than a miserable, human existence. There is more, so much more! God has decided to us me to honor and serve Him! To do so, He gave me a particular gift to be exercised in the Church to extend His kingdom on earth and bring in His righteousness! So, what did you get for Christmas?
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